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A Festive Cocktail Wonderland: South Bank London’s Christmas Cheers

A Festive Cocktail Wonderland: South Bank London’s Christmas Cheers

As the festive season wraps London in its sparkling embrace, South Bank, the city’s vibrant cultural heart, unveils a tantalizing array of Christmas cocktails. From the glittering banks of the Thames to the atmospheric Leake Street tunnels, each venue in this eclectic area offers a unique twist on holiday cheer. Let’s embark on a merry journey through South Bank’s top 10 Christmas cocktails, promising to add a dash of magic to your festive celebrations.

1. Skylon: Mocktails and Chambord

Skylon offers the ‘Naughty & Spice’, a zero-alcohol cocktail with a real kick. Their festive season alcohol sponsor, Chambord, inspires a unique take on eggnog. Must-Try: The Naughty & Spice Mocktail – a non-alcoholic treat that doesn’t compromise on flavor.

2. The Rosarium: Elegance and Innovation

The Rosarium at The Sidings serves up visually stunning cocktails. Options include the ‘Red-Nosed Spritz’, ‘Mistletoe Margarita’, and ‘Salted Caramel Sling’. Must-Try: The Red-Nosed Spritz – a delightful mix of cranberry, pomegranate molasses, and prosecco.

3. Mamuśka!: Vodka Wonders

Mamuśka!, a Polish bar and restaurant, showcases a vast vodka selection. The ‘Cherry Frostbite’, made with Soplica Cherry vodka, lime, and maraschino liqueur, is a winter highlight. Must-Try: The Cherry Frostbite – a zesty and robust vodka cocktail.

4. The Lost Property Office: A Chocolate Orange Dream

The Lost Property Office presents the ‘Chocolate Orange Negroni’. Located beneath Waterloo Station, this speakeasy offers a festive twist on a classic. Must-Try: The Chocolate Orange Negroni – a cocktail that embodies the essence of Christmas.

5. Lyaness: A World-Class Champagne Cocktail

Lyaness, one of the world’s best bars, offers the ‘Black Champagne’. This complex cocktail includes brewed sarsaparilla cordial, tropical elements, and Lyaness’ signature Death Bitters. Must-Try: The Black Champagne – a rich, dark, and fruity masterpiece.

6. Las Iguanas: A Tropical Christmas

Las Iguanas brings a Latin twist to the festivities with cocktails like the ‘Frosty Cola’ and ‘Spiced Cranberry Rum Punch’. The standout is the ‘Christmas Spiced Coconut Mojito’, a ridiculously festive concoction. Must-Try: The Christmas Spiced Coconut Mojito – a drink that’s a holiday in a glass.

7. OXO Tower Restaurant: Tequila with a View

The OXO Tower Restaurant’s winter terrace pop-up, in partnership with Casamigos tequila, offers a stunning Thames backdrop. Sip on the ‘Ticket to Paradise’, a warm blend of Casamigos blanco, apricot brandy, gingerbread, and apple juice. Must-Try: The Ticket to Paradise – a cocktail that’s both warming and exotic.

8. Forza Wine at National Theatre: Mocktail Magic

For those favoring non-alcoholic delights, Forza Wine presents the ‘White Tea Paloma’. This sophisticated mocktail, with white peony tea, grapefruit juice, and a salt/lemon zest rim, proves that festive cheer isn’t just about alcohol. Must-Try: The Paloma Mocktail – a refreshing and elegant choice.

9. Humbug: The Underground Festive Experience

Dive into the ‘immersive Christmas dive bar’ at Humbug, nestled in the Leake Street graffiti tunnel. Signature drinks like ‘The Grinch’ and ‘Bah F*****g Humbug’ offer a rebellious take on holiday flavors. Must-Try: The Grinch – a playful mix of rum, peach schnapps, blue curacao, and pineapple juice.

10. The London Dungeon: A Spooky Yuletide Twist

Begin your adventure at the London Dungeon, where history and horror meet holiday spirit. After a thrilling journey through London’s dark past, unwind at Mrs. Lovett’s tavern with festive concoctions like the ‘Mistletoe Martini’ and ‘Tipsy Elf Punch’. Must-Try: The Death by Christmas – a cocktail that perfectly blends the eerie with the merry.

South Bank’s Christmas cocktail menu is a testament to London’s creativity and diversity in mixology. Each venue offers a unique experience, ensuring that every visitor finds their perfect festive drink. Whether you’re after a classic with a twist, a non-alcoholic delight, or something entirely new, South Bank’s festive cocktails are sure to make your holiday season unforgettable.

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