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Panoramic views of London and how to find them

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London’s skyline is one of the best in the world. With its unique balance of green spaces, natural landscapes, and glittering city horizons, the views you can find in London are second to none. This is partly due to the magnificent vantage points on the historic and innovative buildings, monuments, and skyscrapers, while other views are due to the sheer coincidence of geography.

This list of places to see breathtaking skylines in the city includes at least one panorama that you definitely have yet to check off your list. Located in many districts of the city, these views will undoubtedly give you a new dimension of the city and allow any newcomer a moment to orient themselves in the sprawling city of London.

The London Eye

The London Eye* is one of the most famous attractions on the Thames. Built to celebrate the new millennium, the London Eye*, or the Millennium Wheel as it was originally called, consists of 32 egg-shaped capsules and reaches a height of 135 meters. With a half-hourly ride, the London Eye is the perfect way for someone new to the city to see the dazzling horizon of the British capital.

IFS Cloud

We’re not talking about air travel here, but the cable car that runs from the Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Docks. The IFC Cloud Cable car line opened in 2012 and offers a unique way to explore the city, giving visitors a bird’s eye view of the picturesque Docklands in East London. The ride only takes ten minutes and is usually used by commuters but it is a fun way to explore London from an area rarely visited by tourists.

Dockland Light Railway

Part of the London Transport Underground and Overground service, this driverless monorail is an electric rail system that travels through London’s Docklands. Not only is this a fast and efficient way to get around the city, but the DLR line also provides a magnificent view of the Canary Wharf area and offers stunning views of the newly developed Greenwich area.

Greenwich Observatory

The Greenwich Observatory is located in beautiful Greenwich Park and offers idyllic views over the London countryside. From the beautiful view of the Thames and London’s Docklands, guests can explore the wonderful Royal Maritime Museum and Cutty Sark in addition to the Greenwich Observatory. The latter’s museum houses scientific exhibits and artifacts about the long history of Greenwich Meantime buildings and international shipping, located along the internationally recognized prime meridian.

Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is located in the northwest corner of Regent’s Park, one of London’s 8 Royal Parks. In addition to the view from the top of the hill, Regent’s Park is home to the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre and the London Zoo*, providing visitors with some of the city’s most popular attractions nearby.

Parliament Hill

This Hampstead Heath viewpoint offers visitors a very popular and often visited view of London from the northeast corner of the nature reserve and woodland. There is also a lot of history behind it, the hill is said to have been a burial mound as far back as the Bronze Age and was also owned by several barons and butlers of Henry I and Henry II. Legend also has it that this was the spot from which Guy Fawkes planned to watch the destruction of Parliament after the success of his gunpowder plot on November 5, 1605.

The Shard

The Shard Restaurants

One of my favorite sights, The Shard* stretches 309 meters to its highest point and has 72 habitable floors. With its mix of hotels, stores, and restaurants, the neo-futuristic Shard has been making its mark on London’s skyline since it opened in February 2013. The beautiful spiky structure also houses several restaurants. For visitors & guests, these are the best public places in the building to enjoy a view of the city while enjoying high-end cuisine while taking in the view.

Aqua Shard

Located on the 31st floor of the Shard, Aqua Shard recently reopened. With glass-enclosed dining areas and high-end cocktails, the Aqua Shard is the perfect place for a stylish and romantic evening. Featuring gourmet British cuisine with a preference for local produce and revolutionary techniques, Aqua Shard and the adjacent atrium bar promise a memorable evening and stunning views of London.


The legendary Oblix is located on the 32nd floor of the Shard. With Oblix East’s bar offering weekly DJ performances and tantalizing cocktails, Oblix is a trendy, delicious, and atmospheric way to enjoy the city.

20 Fenchurch Street – Sky Garden

Another London icon, 20 Fenchurch Street, also known as the Walkie-Talkie building due to its design, is located near London Bridge and the Borough area. In addition to the offices it houses, the Walkie-Talkie is also home to the revolutionary Sky Garden. This breathtaking view of London offers guests the opportunity to explore three entire floors of the urban botanical garden while overlooking the heart of the city. It’s an easy-to-reach, free-to-visit vantage point (between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. with a pre-booked ticket), and it’s also home to a variety of bars and cafes.

Slide at ArcelorMittal Orbit

Stratford Olympic Park, once home to the Olympic Stadium, is now an athletics playground and swimming pool complex, all set in tranquil parkland along the East London canal. The perfect vantage point with already stellar views over London is the ArcelorMittal Orbit*, once the watch tower over the Olympics and now a captivating tourist slide! With reasonable prices and a unique double helix shape, this is a very

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