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You should not miss this in Notting Hill

Notting Hill is an exciting area of London and often tops the must-see lists of people coming to the city – and for good reason!

Sometimes people just want to visit the places that were featured in the movie – Notting Hill. It’s a popular movie, and places like Portobello Road certainly continue to draw a lot of attention thanks to the light-hearted rom-com starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.

However, year after year, people flock here for the famous Notting Hill Carnival, which is one of the biggest events in the London calendar. It is a great spectacle of music, colors, dancing, food, and drinks. A totally family-friendly festival, so you definitely bring your kids. There are plenty of activities for kids of all ages to take part in, so take this opportunity to have some real fun together at the carnival.

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One thing that often surprises people is the size of London’s Notting Hill neighborhood. It spans several streets and there is a huge selection of boutiques, galleries, bars, and restaurants just waiting to be discovered. I’ve listed some of the main attractions you can discover in this part of town below.

These attractions & landmarks are must-sees and all of them are impressive in their own way.

Sights in Notting Hill

Portobello Road Market is a must-see for anyone interested in Notting Hill – not only because it has been featured a lot in the movies, but also because it is considered London’s best antiques market.

It takes place every day and is as long as Portobello Road itself. You can always grab a bargain at one of these stalls, especially if you’re a good haggler! This is a great way to experience truly authentic London at its best, and since it takes place seven days a week, you don’t have to worry about missing it.

The people running the stalls at the market are also usually real Londoners who have spent most of their lives in the city – if not all. So if you’re looking for advice on where to eat or what to do, these are the people to talk to.

Holland Park is also nearby, the perfect place for a picnic in the summer and especially nice for an evening stroll. There’s also a Michelin-starred restaurant in the park, by the way, so you could really make an entire evening out of a trip to the park!

The Serpentine Gallery – Since there are so many great works of art and antiques in the Portobello Road market, it’s no surprise that there are also great art galleries throughout Notting Hill.

One of the best is the Serpentine Gallery, located in the 260-acre Royal Park in Kensington Gardens.

Enjoy a walk along the formal avenues of trees and admire the contemporary art collection in the gallery. In the gardens, you’ll find the famous Peter Pan statue, commissioned in honor of J. M. Barrie, author of the popular children’s novel.

In the park outside the gallery, however, you’ll find not only this statue but also the Diana Memorial Walk, which takes you on an 11km journey through Hyde Park, Green Park, and St James’ Park – the perfect summer activity.

The Gate Theatre – Unsurprisingly, London is the perfect place to catch some theater performances. What you may not know is that there are more places to visit besides Leicester Square and its surroundings.

The Gate Theatre in Notting Hill is one of those places where you can enjoy a truly intimate experience, as it has a maximum capacity of only 70 people. It is in a unique location right above a chic pub and has a reputation for showcasing the work of undiscovered brilliance of international playwrights in London.

This would be your opportunity to see a play written by smart and creative people and actors working towards their big break. Wouldn’t it be great to know that you saw a big star when he was just getting his start in a small theater in Notting Hill?

If theater isn’t your thing, the venue also serves as a movie theater, and with its luxurious velvet chairs and extravagant decorations, it’s the perfect place for a romantic date.

Westbourne Grove – This part of Notting Hill is truly a one-stop store for everything you want to see, do and enjoy in the area. It’s packed to the brim with top-notch stores and restaurants and offers unique boutiques, art galleries, and antique stores to browse.

If you’re particularly interested in designer clothing and want more variety, head from here to Ledbury Road, where you’ll find a huge selection of well-known and up-and-coming designers. This means you’ll find a truly unique souvenir from your trip to the greatest city in the world.

What’s even better about Westbourne Grove is that the Notting Hill Carnival also passes through this part of Notting Hill, so you can use it as a souvenir.

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